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Together, support and help
children in difficulty

Children's physical and

psychological well-being


Children's education and school integration

Child protection

within the family unit

“My balanced lunch” nutrition workshops given by Hortense de Sadeleer

Where? Saint Thomas Aquin School (Brussels),  Clerfayt School (Hainaut), ...

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Screening of the film Cocorico at the Wellington Cinema in Waterloo

When ? February 7, 2024

Winter Concert
for the benefit of Rise for Kids and the Laly Foundation
Sunday 3 December

Or?  Cercle Gaulois
When ? at 15h

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from Saturday 21
to January 29, 2023

Closing of the auction 
at 9:00 p.m.
on January 29th.

Once upon a time there was a horse...

Rise for Kids has set up a new project at Clerfayt school. From January 2023, 10 students with extraordinary special needs will benefit from weekly hippotherapy sessions.

Hippotherapy is a rehabilitation strategy based on the horse's three-dimensional movement, which mimics the walking movement of humans. This discipline is practiced by occupational therapists, physiotherapists and speech therapists who have received prior training. Hippotherapy allows the integration of several neuromotor patterns and sensory processes. 

The relationship with the horse is of paramount importance and becomes the engine of the therapeutic relationship.

The benefits of hippotherapy are considerable. 

This approach is aimed at the child as a whole, in his motor and affective schema.

Physically and motorically, hippotherapy improves trunk and head control, standing posture, balance, coordination, body awareness, flexibility, lower extremity strength, range of motion, muscle strength, etc.


A new school has joined our program!

The Saint Thomas d'Aquin school located in the Marolles has just joined our program "A fruit and a soup a day".
200 students from nursery and primary school will benefit from the soup throughout the school year. 

Ongoing projects ...

The realization of the vegetable garden as well as the olfactory and sensory garden began at the Clerfayt school (special education) in the province of Hainaut. 

Enfants dans le jardin

Create an original 


€2,500 by submitting your application! 
Look for an original, innovative initiative that you would like to finance for children! 

Every two years, a committee of Rise for Kids will meet to reward the most innovative project.

An application must be submitted according to the rules established by the association via the attached form  before September 30, 2022.

“The child, I repeat, is the future. This furrow is generous;

he gives more than the ear for the grain of wheat.
Drop a spark on it, it will give you a sheaf of light.


Help us

Your generosity makes

all the difference

Children Heaping Hands
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