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Physical and psychological well-being  of the child 

One fruit per day & One soup per day

Contributing to the costs of school meals.

Jolie fille mange une pomme
Bol de fruits

Sint Jooris School

In 2019,  365 pupils from the Sint-Joris Basischool (Brussels) benefited from fresh fruit during a school year.


Magellan school

We took advantage of the imposed closure of schools to create another program, "A soup a day".

Since January 2022, 300 kindergarten and secondary students from the Magellan school (in the Marolles) have been receiving soup four times a week. These children from very disadvantaged backgrounds do not always have hot, balanced meals at home. This soup is a first step towards a healthier diet.


Saint Anthony School

Since February 2022, 400 kindergarten and primary students have benefited from the "One fruit per day" program throughout the school year. 
Kindergarten pupils receive 4 fruits per week and primary pupils 3 fruits per week.

February 27, 2022

Popy the Giraffe

The "Popy the Giraffe" project:  financing of the program in 8 prisons.

The team of psychologists at Relais Enfants-Parents prepares the child for his meeting with his father/mother in prison. The prison environment is hostile.

In order to allow children to play down the situation and see the detained parent again, in the best possible conditions, the route to the visiting room is signposted in a fun way and the child is welcomed by a reassuring mascot, Popy the Giraffe.  


In Belgium, more than 12,000 children have one or both parents detained in one of the country's prisons.

Peluche Girafe.jpg

Since 2020, we have been receiving urgent requests from the Requests and Social Affairs Service of the Household of HM the King. These are requests made by parents for one or more children on the basis of a file completed by a social worker.


Psychological support

In 2021, we met the director of a reception and accommodation center

CKG t'Kinderkasteeltje (located in Nazareth in East Flanders).
Many children suffering from various traumas must be followed by a specialist.
We wanted to support the follow-up of two children who were then placed in another center, Spoor 56 in Sint-Niklaas.

In February 2022, we received a new request from the management of t'Kinderkasteeltje to take charge of the psychological follow-up of a 3-year-old girl, hospitalized following ill-treatment inflicted by her stepfather.  

The mental health of children weakened by their family environment is essential. Our association has decided to follow these children throughout the healing process, in order to allow them to rebuild and move forward in life. 

Enseignant et l'élève

Creation of a playground

In September 2021, our team decided to support Edelweiss reception center in Hollange, in the Province of Luxembourg. 

Fifteen children are cared for by the Edelweiss. Their placement is due to an educational and/or affective failure of the parents or to a break with their family or social environment. 

Two members went there to meet the director, visit the center and the location of the current playground which was in a sorry state.

An online raffle was organized in November to finance a new playground, the inauguration of which will take place in the summer of 2022.

It will bring joy and cheerfulness to children and allow them to have outdoor physical activity. 

Voir Saw

Playground offered at the Edelweiss reception and accommodation center in the province of Luxembourg 

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