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Our programmes

In addition to the various actions listed under “Our three pillars”, our association covers all the costs relating to the implementation of the various programmes we have created. The different teams actively participate in the success of our programmes, are regularly in the field, and meet managers, school directors, teachers, and school children. 

One fruit per day & One soup per day

As parents, we know the importance of a healthy and balanced diet for the development of our children, their health and their growth.

In 2019, a letter from a manager of the Sint-Joris Basisschool (Brussels) informed us of an emergency:

students start their classes on an empty stomach every day and their lunch boxes are almost empty for the rest of the day.

Image de Artyom Kabajev
Un fruit par jour
Culture, ile aux tresors

Culture, an island of treasures

The cultural level of children is transmitted first by the family unit and then by the school.

But not all families have the same resources.

Each child must have the opportunity to build up their cultural reservoir according to their aspirations and tastes.

Culture makes it possible to understand the world in which we live, to discover new horizons, to assert ourselves in society, to open up to the world, to push back obscurantism and to make a solid and enlightened judgment.

A vegetable garden in my school​

In many schools, concrete has taken precedence over green spaces.


Our goal is to bring a bit of nature back to the heart of the school. We have developed the program "A vegetable garden in my school": the students create their own vegetable garden and are responsible for it . They are supported in their approach by their teachers.

This ecological project requires respect for essential values that the school is committed to instilling: perseverance, listening, team spirit, discipline, sharing, respect for others and the environment. .

Jardinage pour enfants
Potager école

Prevention of domestic accidents and first aid

Home accidents are the leading cause of serious accidents and mortality among children.

According to statistics, the percentage of domestic accidents is higher in families weakened by poverty where many children live in unsanitary homes or which do not meet safety requirements.


We also notice that the eldest (who are often still very young) are responsible for taking care of their little brothers and sisters (giving a bath, cooking, etc.).

Our association has therefore developed a prevention and first aid program, in partnership with the  Laly Foundation  :  we teach students to distinguish domestic dangers, to adopt the right safety gestures, to react quickly in the event of an accident ...


If a programme interests you, why not support it ?

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