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Our programmes

In addition to the various actions listed under “Our three pillars”, our association covers all the costs relating to the implementation of the various programmes we have created. The different teams actively participate in the success of our programmes, are regularly in the field, and meet managers, school directors, teachers, and school children. 

One fruit per day & One soup per day

This program is intended to fight against precariousness and food inequalities between children and to promote education in a balanced diet.


Rise for Kids is currently supporting900 kindergarten and primary students(Magellan, Saint Thomas d'Aquin and Saint Antoine schools in Brussels) who benefit from a piece of fruit and/or a soup a day, throughout the school year.

More than 150,000 healthy meals/snaks have been distributed so far.

Image de Artyom Kabajev
Un fruit par jour
Culture, ile aux tresors

Culture, an island of treasures

Each child must have the opportunity to build up their cultural reservoir according to their aspirations and tastes. But not all families have the same resources.


Rise for Kids offers children wide access to many cultural and artistic, sporting and associative activities. 

A vegetable garden in my school​

Our goal is to bring a bit of nature back into increasingly concrete schools and to make children aware of respect for the environment.

The children create their own vegetable patch and/or garden and are entirely responsible for it.

An ecological project with multiple educational objectives. 

Jardinage pour enfants
Potager école

Prevention of domestic accidents and first aid

THEdomestic accidentsare the first cause of death among children and the figures increase in disadvantaged families (unsanitary housing, etc.).

We provide ourselves training in schools by teaching students to distinguish domestic dangers, to adopt the right safety gestures and to master the call for help. 

If a programme interests you, why not support it ?

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