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Rise for Kids

The non-profit organisation Rise for Kids * supports all children from families undermined by poverty (from birth to the age of 18), in Belgium.

We are strongly committed to the protection and development of children. Every child has the right to a quality education, healthy and balanced daily diet,  health care adapted to his needs, access to sports, cultural and recreational activities.

In our society, we all have a fundamental social and educational role to play. Taking on our responsibilities is part of that. Thanks to everyone's involvement and optimism, to the teams working on the ground, to our partners and to your invaluable support, to get to the aim of all of us together is to meet the challenges that lie ahead.

We seek to offer the opportunity to grow up in dignity and develop potential to as many children as possible so they become responsible adults and citizens in their own right.

Your help is needed more than ever.

Let's build a positive future together!

* Rise for Kids is the heir to the former AMADE Belgium, 1966-2019.

"Poverty is not a choice and we refuse to allow it to become inevitable."

Rise For Kids

Laughing Kids


Our actions evolve around

of the three pillars next  

intended to improve  

the quality of life of children.


This well-being depends essentially on a healthy lifestyle .

▪︎ Contributing to the costs of school meals and thus allow children to have at least one hot meal a day.

▪︎ Raise children's awareness of a healthy and balanced diet, in particular through school meals and our "  One fruit & one soup per day  ".

▪︎ Allow access to sports and associative activities (camps, etc.) necessary for the development of the child, outside his family environment.

▪︎ Take charge of certain health care , treatments or medical equipment (physiotherapy sessions, speech therapy, acquisition of glasses, etc.).

▪︎ We are also very focused on the hygiene rules of the little ones .



Education is the cornerstone of our association: ensuring the training and development of children through quality education.

We are convinced that a thoughtful education contributes to reducing poverty, to promoting equality between the sexes and that it plays a role in favor of respect for fundamental human rights and the environment.

Our intervention consists of:

▪︎ Providing financial assistance to enabling young children to attend to kindergarden .

▪︎ Providing the necessary
 school equipment.

▪︎ Enabling access to
  cultural activities  (theater, museums, artistic workshops, trips, ...) via our program  "  Culture , an island of treasures  » , as well as sports and associative activities (camps, etc.) necessary for the development of the child, outside his family sphere.

▪︎ Intervening
  through our program  A vegetable garden in my school  ".

▪︎ Providing financial support to
 homework schools in the fight against dropping out of school as well as the creation of mixed activities allowing to understand the equality between girls and boys and workshops set up around the notions of good citizenship and respect for the environment.



Every child has the right to grow up in a loving family and in a healthy environment. In order to fight against the scourge of domestic accidents, our association has created an innovative program: the program  "  Prevention of domestic accidents and first aid  » .

We provide training and workshops ourselves in schools, neighborhood centres, etc.

Notre équipe

Our team

We are committed, enthusiastic, dynamic volunteers , anxious to help change things, to help as many children as possible find their rightful place in society.



Reem Boustany


Bernard Nicolay



Isabelle de Tervarent

General secretary

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Claire Martin


     +32 4 365 58 90 


Jacqueline Vastapane



Rita Boustany

Programs & Actions


Daniela d'Oreye de Lantremange

Programs & Actions

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Zita Almasy de Zsadany et Törökszentmiklos

Communication & Webmaster

  • Reem Boustany

  • Rita Boustany

  • Claire Martin

  • Daniela d'Oreye de Lantremange

  • Mrs Mirelle le Maistre d'Anstaing 

  • Mrs Corinne Hizette

  • Mrs Hortense de Sadeleer

  • Countess Zita Almasy of Zsadany and Törökszentmiklos

  • Count and Countess Charles-Antoine d'Ansembourg

  • Count and Countess Olivier Armand

  • Ms Florine Asch  

  • Mr and Mrs Jacques Berrebi  

  • Baron and Baroness Beyens  

  • Mrs Cathy Van Keer - Boghossian

  • Mrs Rita Boustany

  • Mrs Diane Brenninkmeijer

  • Mr Constantin Chariot

  • Mrs Sylvia Chiche

  • Mr and Mrs Xavier Deleval

  • Mr and Mrs Jan-Willem de Groot

  • Mr Leonardus Hendrikx 

  • Baroness Paul Janssen  

  • Mrs. Erol Kandiyoti

  • Laly Foundation

  • Mrs Valentine de le Court

  • Mr and Mrs Luc Luyten

  • Mrs Mélissa Kandiyoti-Hayem​

  • Count et Countess de Lannoy

  • Mr and Mrs Axel van der Mersch

  • Her Excellency Mrs Dominique Mineur

  • Mr and Mrs Philippe Moorkens

  • Mr and Mrs Philippe Ralet  

  • Mrs Thomas Spitaels  ︎

  • Viscount et Viscountess Aymar de Talhouët

  • Marquis de Trazegnies  

  • Prince and Princess Michel Troubetzkoy

  • Mrs Dino Vastapane

  • Mr and Mrs Guy Warlop-Aerden

  • Mr Gerald Watelet

We wholeheartedly thank all our friends of the honorary committee who trust us and support us in our fight against child poverty in Belgium.

Nos interlocuteurs

Our contacts


Our main contacts are:

  • schools promoting positive discrimination

  • the youth protection services as well as the CPAS (Public Centers for Social Assistance),

  • ONE (Birth and Childhood Office), hospitals,

  • the Requests and Social Affairs Department of the Household of His Majesty the King with whom we work on the basis of files relating to children in need.


We study each file in a confidential way and in a spirit of total independence .

We need your help

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