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Intellectual property


The site constitutes a creation protected by copyright. The texts and other elements of our site are protected by copyright. The photographs appearing on this site are free of rights and possibly downloaded from,, Any copy, adaptation, translation, arrangement, communication to the public, rental and other use, editing of all or part of this site in any form and by any means whatsoever, electronic, mechanical or other, carried out for profit or in a private setting, is strictly prohibited without my prior authorisation. Any breach of these rights will result in civil or criminal proceedings.

Trademarks and trade names

The names, logos and other signs used on our site are legally protected trademarks and / or trade names. Any use of these or similar signs is strictly prohibited without prior written consent.

Private property

Use of cookies

A cookie is a small file sent by a web server which is stored on your computer's hard drive. This file keeps track of the website visited and contains certain information about this visit. You can define the settings in your browser, concerning cookies, yourself. The standard settings of your browser are generally set so that they accept all cookies. In the help function of your browser you will find complete information on all specific cookies. uses a programme (Google Analytics) which records, among other things, the frequency of visits, through which links the visits are made, and what are the preferences of the visitors. In this way, the information we collect remains anonymous. We use this information to improve our services, and in order to adjust the content and presentation of the site, according to your browser type or other information sent by the browser.

Google analytics

Google Analytics is a Google Internet audience analysis tool that allows us to understand more clearly the behaviour of the users. This tool can use cookies to collect information and generate reports on website usage statistics without individual users being personally identified by Google.




The contact forms allow us to target your expectations more effectively and answer the questions you ask us. Emails received via these forms are stored for a period of one year on a single server.

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