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Support us


For a child who grows up in poverty,

your support makes the difference

godfather-godmother of one of our kids

Reach out... you can change the life of one of our kids...

Mère et bébé

Our kids and our team thank you very much for your sponsorship.

If you would like to commit to supporting a particular project and to follow your godchild's journey in his life as a child-adolescent, we would be grateful if you could specify this in the attached form .

For information :

Donations from €40 per year made to the association through the King Baudouin Foundation benefit from a tax reduction of 45% of the amount actually paid (art. 145/33 CIR) excluding any other formula.


Join in the success of our projects!

Talk about our association around you!

Become volunteers, volunteers, put your talents at the service of our cause (flowers, decoration, organization, computer knowledge, …).

Little hands are always necessary, useful and indispensable!

All ideas are welcome and we thank you in advance for sharing them with us by email .


“The child, I repeat, is the future. This furrow is generous;

he gives more than the ear for the grain of wheat.
Drop a spark on it, it will give you a sheaf of light.


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