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Education & School integration

In progress...

Creation of a vegetable garden

As part of our actions in terms of education for a balanced diet, we want to organize training at school, in partnership with an association specializing in permaculture, in order to make children aware of respect for the environment, the notions of permaculture , seasons, biodiversity etc.

Similarly, our program "A vegetable garden in my school" will be implemented in different schools. 

Jardinage pour enfants


Equipment adapted for a specialized class Clerfayt

Organization of a family day in Buvrinnes, the profits of which were allocated to the specialized school Clerfayt, Waudrez. A 'Discoveries' kindergarten class has been fitted out with furniture and equipment suitable for Type 2 children.

In 2021 and 2022, different classes received three interactive screens to allow students with learning disabilities to continue normal schooling.  


Two iPads were also offered to two dyspraxic students.


The "Discoveries" kindergarten class received a complete kit for artistic activities organized by the class teacher, Mr. Dany. 



A course of psycho-motricity 
11 meters

An 11-meter psychomotricity course was offered at the Magellan school (in the Marolles - Brussels). It allows children to acquire balance and enjoy physical exercise. In addition, self-confidence and the taking of personal initiatives are reinforced.