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Patrice le Hodey
« The Yellow Sea »


le Hodey

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Details :

80cm x 1m20cm

Finish: Paper Fine Art on Dibond


Auction: N°8
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 (Zita Almasy)

His history

He roams the landscapes (often close, sometimes distant) with the curiosity of those who are interested in everything and a deep empathy for the people and the nature he meets there. 
He captures the moment suspended in a gesture or a burst of water, of light.
One cannot discover the various works of this eternal lover of the beauties of nature without being sensitive to his research into capturing light. Whether they play in the waters, in the skies, disturb the perception of reality or sleep mysteriously in the shade of the clouds, the artist does not want them to be "realistic".
It is important to him that they are in line with his perception of the universe and the story he wants to suggest. 
Because it is above all a question of an inner journey through the different realities that are offered to his gaze and that he stages according to his own criteria. Reflections on today's world, its beneficent and poetic lightness as well as its evolution and its devastating facets. 
He is looking for a light, a movement, an unusual situation...
The world constantly suggests to this adventurer to tell in his own way what (and those) that his gaze meets and that charms or dazzles him.  
He has exhibited his photos in Europe, Asia and the USA.


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